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How to apply vinyl wall monograms

Posted by on 3/4/2015

Things You Will Need:

Vinyl Decal

Tape (scotch or masking)

Rubbing alcohol

Dish detergent (soap)

Rubber or Plastic squeegee

1. First and most important you must clean your surface. 

2. Mark your horizontal and vertical center.   

3. Find the general area you want to hang your monogram and use a single piece of tape on the top center of the monogram to place on the wall.


4. Measure down to the exact area you want your monogram, use a pencil and lightly mark the exact same distance on both sides of the monogram. Line up your horizontal line with your two pencil marks for a perfectly straight monogram.


5. Tape across the entire top of the monogram.


6. Scrape the monogram with your squeegee or straight edge. This will remove any air bubbles and insure a proper stick to the application tape.


7. Start the removal from the backing by peeling away the clear application tape with the monogram.


8. Peel the application tape and monogram upward to remove the white backing. 


9. Pull the monogram down without letting it stick to the wall and scrape the entire monogram firmly from top to bottom.


10. Remove the application tape from the bottom.


11. You have just installed your first wall monogram.

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