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Wedding Favors, The More Personalized The Better

Posted by on 4/28/2014

Bridal Party

Bridal parties are a blast, but also bring a tinge of horror to those you ask to be in it. This isn't because they dislike you or anything, but rather the cost of being in a party can add up. Realize that when you ask someone to be a part of your party that you are asking them for a financial obligation as well. To make up for this, the best and most awesome gift is required for either side of your party; and we're not just saying flasks and earrings here.

Go for something more inspirational, different, and most important of all: useable. Giving a gift that no one will use is something that you cannot do as a wedding party gift, but giving a personalized item is the best thing you can do. Here on Monograms, Markings, and More you can monogram everything on the website here for everyone in your party.

Here are some great items to give people instead of a cigar holder or necklace!


Boots are usually overpriced and super generic. We only recommend that you get this gift for those you really know, as shoes are a very personal gift. Size, preference, and style are very important, but the best part about our boots is that you can customize them toward anyone you wish and have a myriad of choices in regards to the fonts that are available. This will make any of your bridesmaids double take when they open their gifts!


These are great because these items are great for just about anyone. Sunglasses are unisex for the most part, and great because of the wide variety that are available to you. Having these monogrammed are great because how many times have you confused your shades for someone else's? Once these are encoded with the person's initials, that problem will not happen again!

These are just a few items you can find here, but look around, and go nuts! Find something awesome to give to your bridal party!